Springtime Tweets

By Karen Hendricks

Welcome to “Gettysburg Social.” Highlighting Gettysburg and Adams County businesses, this bi-monthly column examines the latest social media trends. First published in Celebrate Gettysburg magazine, March/April 2013.

RobinThe first robins of spring are appearing, but we’re exploring “tweets” via technology. The social media site Twitter records about 340 million tweets per day.* By “tweet,” we mean “message.” And by “message,” we mean “short and sweet,” as in 140 characters. Twitter describes its messages as “bursts of information.”

With more than 200 million users*, the social media site is similar to Facebook in that you create a profile, write a short description or bio, upload a photo, start following people/businesses, and then receive a news feed in real time. If you like fast-paced news and information, this is the social media platform for you.

Businesses are finding value in monitoring tweets (aka marketing data) and interacting directly with consumers. From a consumer standpoint, following favorite brands allows you behind-the-scenes info plus access to special discounts and offers. Photos, videos and links enhance brief tweets.

Quite a few Adams County businesses are utilizing Twitter. In keeping with a springtime theme, here are a few fresh-picked recommendations:

Twitter bird

Hollabaugh Bros Inc.: Follow this popular Biglerville market’s tweets to find out which farm-fresh fruits and veggies are in season.

Highwater Grill: Food trucks are Twitter’s bread and butter.  Fans can follow this local gourmet food truck to discover what’s on the menu and its daily whereabouts (Lincoln Square or Rec Park?).

Philadelphia Flower Show: Although it’s not an Adams County business, this powerhouse of a flower show makes for an excellent daytrip, and by following them, you gain an insider’s view plus ticketing discounts.

To check out more Gettysburg and Adams County businesses, follow me @KarenHendricks9 and click on my “Lists,” where you’ll find 40+ area businesses gathered into “The Burg & Beyond.” Don’t forget to follow Celebrate Gettysburg as well!

* Source: Twitter

Do you know of other businesses doing a great job on Twitter?  Whether they are locally, nationally or internationally-based, feel free to share your “picks” by commenting below!

And join me, for “The Art of Social Media,” a 4-course series, held in partnership with the Adams County Arts Council, every Wednesday evening in April from 7-9 pm. We’ll explore Twitter along with the basic “pillars” of social media. Sign up online or by calling 717-334-5006. Just a handful of openings remain!

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