Handmade in PA: Foxxy Moxxy

By Karen Hendricks

Artists are fascinating and amazing people. Whether they are creating works of art from the world around them or conjuring up works of art from inside their heads… I am completely fascinated with the process. As fun as it is to write about them, it’s equally challenging to capture the true essence of their artwork via photography. And so, it was with great joy that I recently became a writer/photographer for Handmade in PA, a blog from the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. My column, An Eye for Art, shines a spotlight on central PA artists and galleries.

I traveled off the beaten path for my most recent article, visiting Foxxy Moxxy, the gallery of Adams County artist Bobbi Becker, managed by Carol Novak. It was an inspiring visit on many levels! Click here to read all about it. I highly recommend you visit in person–but in the meantime, enjoy a virtual visit through a bonus photo gallery below. Click on any of the thumbnails to open up a slideshow.

A few of my previous articles for Handmade in PA include:

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If you would like to explore blogging–an excellent platform for content marketing for organizations or businesses–I’d be happy to meet with you and discuss the possibilities! Blogging presents an excellent opportunity to “go behind the scenes” with your organization or business, showing how your products are made, sharing stories that speak to your employees’ skills or providing information as a leader in your field. The written portion of blogging need not intimidate you–the tone should be light and conversational. Photography is a vital part of blogging too; blogs are a form of visual storytelling. If you’d like to enhance your business by developing a blog, contact me today!

And if you know an inspiring artist, especially someone in the Central PA region, send me a tip! Email: hendricks (dot) communications at gmail (dot) com. 

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