Artful Writing: How to Put “Art” into Words


By Karen Hendricks

I think some of the most challenging–and rewarding–writing I’ve done lately revolves around art. It’s truly fascinating to interview an artist, learn about his/her creative process, find out what makes him/her tick, and attempt to describe the artwork. Finding a hook–a creative way to frame the artist’s story–is always a challenge. Putting “art” into words isn’t easy.

I began writing for Handmade in PA recently, the blog for the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. I especially enjoy profiling artists, shining a light on their talents. Where words fail me, thankfully, I can add detail and color via photographs. How ironic is it… to attempt to capture artwork through photography–itself an art form?

A picture is worth a thousand words…


My latest piece for HiP is a profile of Central PA artist Wendy Heiges (click here). It was such a joy to photograph her gorgeous creations, that I went overboard and couldn’t fit all the shots into the HiP article. Enjoy these bonus shots of her sparkling jewelry and sophisticated frames!


The very talented Wendy Heiges

The very talented Wendy Heiges

IMG_5431HCIMG_5530rHCIMG_5421HCAre you an artist or shop owner who would like professional photos taken? Contact me and I’d be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for a photography package.

And if you know of a fascinating, talented central PA artist, send me a tip! 

For additional artist profiles on the HiP blog, see:

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