Authentic Flavors, Family, and Achieving the American Dream

By Karen Hendricks – Did you know that Mexican restaurants are the third most popular type of restaurant in the U.S.? According to figures from 2014, there are 54,000 Mexican restaurants across the country. Interestingly, a huge market share–74 percent–are independently-owned.*

One fine example can be found in Gettysburg, PA: At Tania’s Mexican Restaurant, it’s all about authentic flavors, family, and achieving the American dream.

Click here for my latest freelance writing assignment: Tania’s Mexican Restaurant & Store: An Authentic Taste of Mexico in Adams County, published in Celebrate Gettysburg magazine, July/August 2016.

It was a pleasure meeting the Angeles family & telling their story! Enjoy a few photos I snapped during the assignment… click on any one to open a slide show:

*According to research by CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, May 2014. The top two restaurant categories in the U.S. are those that serve a variety of menu items (think diners, homestyle, or family restaurants), and pizzarias.

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