A Slice of Americana

The perfect summer dinner alfresco

The perfect summer dinner alfresco

By Karen Hendricks

Favorite recipes are crafted with the perfect blend of ingredients, often including a special or secret ingredient. Likewise, favorite dining experiences rely on the perfect mix of location, ambiance, and culinary flavors.

Beech Springs Farm’s Farm-to-Table Dinner Series have struck gold with a winning formula that combines a beautiful Adams County, Pennsylvania location, an enjoyable ambiance set by local musicians and warm hosts, and farm fresh dishes prepared by talented local and regional chefs.

The secret ingredient? Everything revolves around an authentic, farm-fresh theme.

Click here for my cover story featured in the September/October issue of Celebrate Gettysburg magazine, “Slice of Americana Served Up at Beech Springs Farm’s Farm-to-Table Dinner Series.”

Click here for a video featuring Celtic group Across the Pond performing at the dinner… And go behind-the-scenes with me, below, to enjoy a few photos I snapped during the writing of the story:


For more info:

Beech Springs FarmSavor Gettysburg Food ToursFidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery / Celebrate Gettysburg magazine

Check out the Back-Stories:

Dan Kulik, Battlefield Brew Works, is featured in the Sept/Oct 2015 issue, “Brewing Big Business: Central Pennsylvania Blowing Lid off the Craft Beer Industry.”

Learn more about Beech Springs Farm’s award-winning barn preservation efforts in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue, “These Old Barns: Preserving Adams County’s Agricultural Icons.”

2017 Farm-to-Table Dinner Series Preview:

  • June 11, 2017: Chef Brandon Snow, owner, Catered Solutions, Ashburn, VA
  • July 9, 2017: Chef Jeremy Jones, executive chef, Knob Hall Winery, Clear Springs, MD
  • August 13, 2017: Chef Ben Walmer, Highlands Dinner Club, NY, NY
  • September 10, 2017: Chef Jennifer Williams, former executive chef, Food 101, Gettysburg.
  • October 8, 2017: Chef Josh Fidler, Fidler & Company Craft Kitchen, Biglerville

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