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Full Court Press TheBurg Podcast

On the basketball court, a full court press is an all-out effort… putting pressure on the opposing team. How does this concept tie into September’s podcast?   “The Most Harrisburg Thing” these days is the Knead Pizza story. An all-out effort by employees, to unionize, resulted in the shop’s closing. The story has gotten a lot of press, but editor of TheBurg Lawrance Binda, in conversation with TheBurg Podcast’s Karen Hendricks, adds new insights and context.   Josiah Peay of Middletown has mounted a full court press to bring professional basketball to the Harrisburg area, through the Central PA Kings.   Dennis Reardon of Camp Hill mounted a full court press of his own, as he pushed toward the finish line of last year’s Harrisburg Marathon relay. He pushed himself so hard, he nearly lost his life—but he also gained new perspective on life.   Karen Good of Harrisburg, who works at UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg, has volunteered to co-chair the Harrisburg Marathon medical tent for 15 years running. What motivates her to support area runners? Her insights and stories may surprise you.   Many thanks to the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau for sponsoring this episode of TheBurg Podcast, through their Fall Fun Trail, featuring 18 classic ways to celebrate and experience the fall season. For more information, see VisitCumberlandValley.com.   Backstories that coordinate with this episode include: Everyone Loses | Hoop Hopes | Marathon Misstep, Marathon Miracle   Every month, TheBurg Podcast expands stories from the pages of TheBurg magazine because “there’s always more to the story.” TheBurg Podcast is hosted and produced by award-winning Harrisburg-area journalist Karen Hendricks. DYK? TheBurg Podcast has received three prestigious podcast journalism awards over the past two years, including First place, Excellence in Journalism, Society of Professional Journalists, Keystone Chapter, 2021.   Visit Karen Hendricks’ website for more of her writing, journalism and PR work. TheBurg is a monthly community magazine based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Lawrance Binda, co-publisher/editor.   Interested in sharing your advertising message with TheBurg Podcast’s dedicated audience? Research shows that podcast sponsorships are one of the most effective forms of advertising! Contact Lauren (lmills@theburgnews.com). 
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