Meals Can Heal

At Celebrate Gettysburg, we’ve always loved small businesses. And Adams County has some of the most unique, fascinating small businesses owned and operated by some of the kindest, most talented people you’d ever want to meet.

Today, they need our love and support—more than ever. 

As we go to print, we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. As you’re reading this, we very well may still be in the thick of things—and we want to offer a ray of positive hope. 

We’ve profiled many small businesses over the years, including many hard-working, amazing restaurant owners. So, instead of profiling the restaurant we had originally selected for this issue, we are sliding them to a later magazine so that, instead, we can feature an entire local dining guide.

Please support Adams County’s incredible array of local eateries as you’re able. Please check their websites or social media links for their latest information on hours, dining options, carryout, delivery, etc. We know they are thankful for your support.

“Meals Can Heal,” Celebrate Gettysburg, May/June 2020

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