Antica Napoli Pizza: Putting Pizazz in Gettysburg’s Pizza

Flour is the foundation of some of our favorite “comfort foods,” including pizza, subs, and pasta. So, how appropriate that Antica Napoli Pizza features more than a dozen unique pizzas, more than three dozen subs plus Stromboli, and a dozen varieties of pasta, all created by Owner Ignazio “Iggy” Farina, whose very name “Farina” is Italian for “flour.” Continue reading Antica Napoli Pizza: Putting Pizazz in Gettysburg’s Pizza

History Meets the Arts

“It’s been a life-long fascination…I’ve been interested in American history from childhood–I followed it, studied it, and ultimately painted it… professionally, since 1963,” says artist David Wright, known as “the artist of the American frontier.” He makes interpreting history through a paintbrush sound easy–“I paint history,” Wright says. But the intriguing paintings captured on canvas only emerge after painstaking research. Continue reading History Meets the Arts

Grit & Grain

“This 100-year-old building was an incredibly warm space,” says Yianni Barakos. Original brick walls, exposed beams, and thick concrete floors harken back to the restaurant’s former days as Gettysburg Furniture Factory. After a year-and-a-half-long renovation, the father-son duo opened Mason Dixon Distillery’s doors in July of 2016. Now, new spirits are rising from downtown Gettysburg’s industrial past. Continue reading Grit & Grain

Old Meets New

Many Adams County home renovations merge with residents’ deep appreciation of history. “In the Borough of Gettysburg we have Civil War era homes that line our streets. Further out in the
country, there are beautiful farmscapes rich with all types of historic homes—not just Civil War homes but those going back to the 1700s,” says Anne Zabawa, president of Historic Gettysburg Adams County (HGAC). Continue reading Old Meets New

Destinations: The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA

It’s considered the nation’s leading organization dedicated to educating and preserving the legacy of Americans who have served their country as U.S. army soldiers. The range, depth, and breadth of USAHEC is staggering: a 54-acre site housing 16 million military items, including what’s considered the world’s largest collection of Civil War photographs. Continue reading Destinations: The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA

Churches on a Mission

During a 2001 leadership class at Freedom Valley Worship Center, Pastor Gerry Stoltzfoos asked participants to dream, to think about what they would be doing in their lives to minister to
others if money were no object. Brandy Crago responded with an answer—therapeutic horse riding—and Stoltzfoos quickly offered her the use of the land surrounding the church, setting her
dream into motion. Continue reading Churches on a Mission

The Heart of the Holidays

Ask anyone about their favorite holiday tradition and you will receive a multitude of answers—everything from Christmas trees, to music and carols, the hustle and bustle of shopping,
decorating, and celebrating the “true” meaning of Christmas through Christ’s birth. The one place in Adams County where you can experience every single one of these traditions—and
more—is located in the heart of Gettysburg, at Lincoln Square. Continue reading The Heart of the Holidays

Brewing Big Business

Craft beer—the art of combining water, malt, yeast, and hops in traditional style with an innovative twist—is a trend growing by leaps and bounds. You could say that Central Pennsylvania is blowing the lid off the craft beer market. Continue reading Brewing Big Business

Oh Christmas Tree

Nestled in the northernmost Blue Ridge Mountains of Adams County, tree farms thrive in the county’s unique climate. “We are world-renowned for our apples, but that same climate also produces great Christmas trees,” says Aaron Miller, one of 15 partners at Seven Springs Tree Farm, Orrtanna. Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree

Branching Out

Apples have been at the core of Adams County’s economy for decades. Today, the cash crop is a key ingredient in the revival of a beverage that’s as American as apple pie itself. Continue reading Branching Out

Caught in the Crossfire

Three days in July 1863 changed the course of American history. They also altered the lives of Gettysburg’s civilians forever. Many of their stories have remained untold until now. Here is the historic, and often heroic, “other side of the story.” Continue reading Caught in the Crossfire

These Old Barns

Some of Curt Musselman’s fondest childhood memories include time spent grading eggs with his grandmother or opening the gate for the sheep on his grandparents’ Fairfield farm. Today, he’s the seventh generation owner of the 125-acre farm including a picturesque barn built partially with stones cleared from the property in 1830. “The Musselman Barn–this is the reason why I’ve gotten involved in barn preservation,” he says. Continue reading These Old Barns