Cheers to Mela Kitchen

If you need a new reason to visit Gettysburg—besides hallowed battlefields and history—chances are you’ll find it at Mela Kitchen at Jack’s Hard Cider. The new flagship restaurant showcasing Jack’s Hard Cider and freshly-launched Atomic Dog Wines is located at one of the region’s largest open-air outlets, the Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg.

“We’re a fast, casual-style restaurant with a quality of food that matches some of the area’s best full-service restaurants,” says Chef Josh Fidler, who considers his latest gig the “highlight” of his 20-year career. Continue reading Cheers to Mela Kitchen

Sunday Brunchin’

Sunday brunch is much more than a meal—it’s a state of mind, a respite, a soul-quenching experience that powers us through the rest of our week. And it supports local small businesses, many of them highlighted in this piece. Continue reading Sunday Brunchin’

DIY History Lesson

When Genevieve and Jason McNew were house hunting in 2005, they had one thing in mind. “We told our realtor, ‘Don’t show us anything unless it’s 100 years old or older,’” Jason recalls, and then he laughs. “But we didn’t quite know what we were getting into.” Continue reading DIY History Lesson

Friendly Fare

Chef Christian DeLutis greeted us at the door with a special request. Since opening Koda about a year ago, the chef-owner has preferred the Harrisburg restaurant’s dishes to be photographed with staff, to showcase the culinary team alongside their dishes rather than focusing on solo foodie shots. Continue reading Friendly Fare

Young Entrepreneurs

Youthful creativity, energy, ideas, hard work, and a stroke of good luck—these seem to be the factors that propel young entrepreneurs on their paths to founding successful businesses.

Here are the stories of three businesses founded by young people—a 9-year-old Lancaster County boy following in the footsteps of his entrepreneurial parents, a “herd” of Gettysburg teens and 20-somethings making their own mark on history by showcasing today’s pop culture, and a popular Harrisburg coffee shop owner who began brewing up her business when she was 26. Continue reading Young Entrepreneurs

Mechanicsburg’s Sweet Spot

What do you imagine yourself doing at the age of 68? While retirement is likely at the top of most people’s lists, that’s not the case for Diane Krulac, owner of downtown Mechanicsburg’s popular candy shop Brittle Bark. Instead, she recently launched a new line of unique chocolate truffles and bars called Cocoa Creek Chocolates. Continue reading Mechanicsburg’s Sweet Spot

Riding the Rails

Dust off your bike, come out of hibernation, and blaze some new trails—rail trails, that is—throughout the Susquehanna Valley. The number of rail trails—old railroad lines converted to recreational paths—is growing throughout the country, and Central PA is no exception. Continue reading Riding the Rails

A Destination to Love

Mediterranean and Ukrainian cuisine are married throughout the adventurous, flavor-filled menu at Tatiana’s Restaurant, Mechanicsburg—the perfect symbolism for husband-and-wife owners Tatiana and Ashraf El Seaidy. The restaurant’s namesake, Tatiana, hails from Ukraine, while her husband of 19 years, chef Ash, was born and raised in Egypt. Continue reading A Destination to Love

Plant Powered

How do you choose the food you eat? It may sound like a simple question, but how often do you truly evaluate your nutritional choices and diet? We talked to a number of Susquehanna Valley residents, including health and wellness professionals, who made significant changes by switching to vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diets and lifestyles. Their anecdotes and results may surprise you. Continue reading Plant Powered

Run with Purpose

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned runner, you can find motivation in lacing up your sneakers for a good cause. Putting purpose into every step and every mile will not only help you reach personal fitness goals, but also help you double your joy by running races that benefit area nonprofits. Continue reading Run with Purpose

Taking Creative Liberties

With a name inspired by nearby eagle sightings and owl calls, the Eagle & The Owl Public House at Liberty Mountain Resort features a menu that’s just as adventuresome. Between the sweeping mountain views of the 400-acre Adams County property and the innovative menu, you just may be swept off your feet. Continue reading Taking Creative Liberties

There’s Beer Here! Where to hit the trails for ales

Central PA’s tourism organizations began jumping on the beer trail bandwagon about six years ago, recognizing the opportunity to collectively market area brew pubs to both residents and visitors alike. Brewers seem to embrace and enjoy the team spirit aspect of trails, calling it camaraderie and community, rather than competition. There’s Beer Here! Where to hit the trails for ales, Susquehanna Style, October 2018 Continue reading There’s Beer Here! Where to hit the trails for ales

Luxurious Living: It’s All About Water and Wine

One of the biggest indoor home design trends is officially “uncorked” in the Susquehanna Valley: Home wine cellars are adding value, beauty, and storage for wine collectors’ prized possessions. Outdoors, the trend is to turn backyards into beautiful, relaxing retreats complete with water features. Whether your idea of luxury includes wine or water, enjoy exploring dreamy, over-the-top options with local designers—who also provide down-to-earth, budget-friendly ways to incorporate these trends into your own home. Continue reading Luxurious Living: It’s All About Water and Wine

Mural Magic

Many of our Susquehanna Valley landscapes are simply breathtaking, adding natural beauty and color to our days. Now, thanks to grassroots community organizers, artists, supporters, and lots of vision, many of the Susquehanna Valley’s urban environments are being transformed into colorful, artistic landscapes just as worthy of our attention. We visited several local towns and cities where they’re taking art to a whole new level—street-level. Continue reading Mural Magic

Upcycling Architectural Icons

“Adaptive reuse” is one of the most popular buzz phrases in today’s economic development circles. Here in the Susquehanna Valley, there are numerous, exciting new uses for old, abandoned architectural icons. Like phoenixes rising from the ashes, these historic structures are breathing new life into our towns and cities, sparking innovation and economic prosperity. Continue reading Upcycling Architectural Icons

25 Hot Spots to Dine Out(doors)

Spring fever has set in and we’re making our bucket list for warmer weather dining destinations. There is nothing like enjoying a stunning outdoor view with a dinner menu to match. From gardens to riverfront views, decks to hillside terraces, urban oases to countryside respites, the region’s top restaurants offer a wide variety of unique outdoor dining backdrops to accompany their exquisite menus. Continue reading 25 Hot Spots to Dine Out(doors)

Dreams and Destiny

Alison McIndoe says she always knew she would be an interior designer. She spent a lot of time with an aunt and uncle who often remodeled and redecorated their home. “I saw the floor plans, the fabric swatches, and I became so enamored with the process that I decided to make a career of it,” she says. Continue reading Dreams and Destiny

New Frontier

The long driveway leading to Allenberry Resort, framed by tall trees, seems to beckon visitors to the longtime Cumberland County resort. “You could travel all over the world and not find as bucolic a location as Allenberry on the Yellow Breeches,” says Mike Kennedy. Continue reading New Frontier

Love is in Season

It’s a timeless source of inspiration: Nature’s beauty and bounty, in every season, has inspired our creativity for centuries. So it was only natural that two of the Susquehanna Valley’s prominent wedding planners recently focused on winter, spring, summer, and fall to develop seasonal wedding vignettes. Continue reading Love is in Season

Appalachian Adventure

Located almost exactly at the midway point of The Appalachian Trail, the Appalachian Trail Museum tells the story of the A.T., “the most popular hiking trail in America.” And it’s an excellent place to launch an Appalachian adventure of your own. Continue reading Appalachian Adventure

Like Family

Inspired by family, traditions and Sunday dinners, Chef AnnMarie Nelms has created a warm, welcoming atmosphere at Thea. Tranquil colors, hand-crafted tables and a finetuned menu infused with family heritage all work in gracious harmony—as if Nelms is inviting you directly into her home. Continue reading Like Family